Why Mothers Should Lay Babies In Baby Crib? Here Are Some Of The Benefits?

Baby crib is always on the list of baby equipment that must be purchased before being born into the world. However, the price is quite draining the pocket makes the mother wonder about its function. Especially for parents who have a hobby of traveling, they must have the Best Portable Baby Cribs for Travel as well. Should babies under 1 year sleep alone in a baby crib or are baby equipment safe? So that mothers are not curious and doubtful, here are some of the benefits of putting your little one to sleep in a baby crib. Of course, the benefits for health and also the psychological development of the little one.

Mistakes that often arise when putting the baby to sleep
New mothers want the best for their little ones. That’s why, while sleeping, the mother always wants to be near the little one. Design your little one’s bed to be comfortable and safe. However, mother’s worries sometimes lead to mistakes. These are some of the mistakes mothers make when they want to put the baby to sleep.

1. Sleep in the same bed with baby
Sleeping with the baby does not mean the mother sleeps in the same bed with the little one. Some mothers want to be close to their babies so they sleep right next to them. This harms the baby. Imagine if the mother unknowingly cradled the baby while it was sleeping. Your little one might have difficulty breathing and be fatal. Of course, I don’t want this to happen.

2. Put the baby to sleep in a soft bed
Mothers must think that babies should get a soft baby crib so that they can sleep comfortably. What happened was the opposite. A baby crib that is made of soft material tends to make the baby’s body sink in. When your little one changes position, his nose may be covered by the soft material and have difficulty breathing.

3. Putting the baby on the edge of the bed
Mothers who sleep with babies usually put their little ones to bed in adults’ beds. This type of bed does not have safety like a baby crib so that your little one can rollover. Unfortunately, some mothers do not realize this, so they put the baby on the edge of the bed. It is safer for the baby to be placed in the middle of the mattress.

4. Let the baby sleep on his stomach
Remember, babies under 1-year-old can’t control their body movements yet. Therefore, mothers should check the baby’s condition more often during sleep. Don’t let your little one sleep in a prone position. The smooth breathing of the baby may be disturbed. You can be at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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