Is Machine Learning Part Of AI

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on making systems that can learn from the data it gets, called machine learning datasets without continuous human programming intervention. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be interpreted literally as artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a field in computer science that aims to create computers or machines capable of acting with intelligence, like humans. Although they look similar at first glance, there are differences between machine learning and AI. Thus, the basic differences between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are:

Artificial Intelligence is a broader concept, where machines (or computers) can perform tasks in an “intelligent” or human-like manner. Meanwhile, Machine Learning is a subset of AI which is based on the idea that machines can access data, learn about it, and make decisions independently. Data mining refers to the process of exploring existing data sets to explore previously unknown patterns, relationships, and anomalies in the data. When viewed from the definition, Data Mining is very similar to Machine Learning. The similarities include:

– Both are data analysis processes
– Both are good at doing pattern recognition on the given data
– Both learn from data so it can help in decision making
– Both require large (sufficient) amounts of data to be accurate

Meanwhile, the difference between machine learning and data mining is more or less summarized as follows:

– Destination
Data mining is used on existing data sets to find patterns. Machine learning focuses on training machines to learn the ‘training’ dataset, and then making predictions using the new dataset.

– Process
In data mining, the process is carried out on datasets to find new knowledge or insights. While machine learning focuses on the process of learning from a given dataset.

– Ability to develop
Data mining follows static “rules”. Systems do not “learn” and adapt. Meanwhile, learning and adapting based on new data entered into the system is the essence of Machine Learning.

– Human intervention
With machine learning, once the initial rules are applied, the information retrieval process and the ‘learning’ and refinement are done automatically by computers and take place without human intervention.

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