How To Maintain Stainless Steel?

The superiority of stainless steel which is rust-resistant makes this material used as a basic material for various household furniture. The wrong way of storage and shelf life can also make stainless steel rust. Not infrequently, stainless steel spoons or forks start to rust if they are stored carelessly or are old enough. You can use rub n buff antique gold to give the spoon a shine as your collection or you can clean the rust the right way.

It will be very troublesome if frequently used furniture such as rusty spoons. If you don’t clean it right away, you can even use it when it’s rusty, which can harm your family’s health.

1. The product is not dried

Unlike other materials, stainless steel requires persistence in terms of drying. Because if you don’t wipe it and leave it after washing, water spots will likely form on your stainless steel product. So it’s different from glass or plastic, which after washing, the water will disappear on its own. It must be dried so that no stains form.

2. Stainless steel products filled with hot water mixed with salt

For those of you who have a sore throat or flu, of course, you will make a concoction of hot water, lemon, and a little salt. Unfortunately, for stainless steel, it is not recommended. Especially for hot water mixed with salt, this will damage the product wall coating. This can cause oxidation and corrosion, resulting in rust.

3. Cleaning with bleach

When going to wash products made of stainless steel, it is not recommended to use bleach. Because like adding salt, cleaners with bleach-based ingredients can cause the product to oxidize and corrode or rust. The content in bleach is what makes it rust. It’s better to use plain soap or if it’s just hot water, rinse with water, that’s enough.

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