Losing the Weight With These Tips

If you are used to eating a plate of cooked rice with fried food for breakfast, you can change the menu with a lower calorie. Try eating regular white rice and subtract fried side dishes. Reduce the portion of carbohydrates and multiply the servings of vegetables and fruit. If you are eating out, choose a lower-calorie menu, such as choosing steamed or burnt chicken than fried chicken, to cut calories from oil. Or choosing a baked potato instead of fries can also be an alternative to lower calorie menu choices. In this way, you can enjoy food with the same portion but fewer incoming calories. The try how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days also become additional thing many today’s people consider when it comes to losing the excessive fat. Does this sound to be true for you?

Besides that, you need to be careful with salt, sugar, and fat. Why so? Sugar, salt, and fat hidden in food can be one of your main enemies in dieting. Sometimes unconsciously, you consume more sugar, salt, and fat and then cause your caloric intake to increase. There is a formula that you can remember to limit the consumption of sugar salt fat, ie G4 G1 L5. G4 means the maximum limit of sugar consumption in a day is 4 tablespoons, G1 is the limit of daily salt intake is 1 teaspoon, and L5 means the limit of fat consumption in a day is 5 tablespoons. This does not mean you can add 4 tablespoons of sugar in your coffee and you can still eat bread with jam. Remember, bread and jam also contain sugar.

For example, if you consume one piece of the chocolate donut and a glass of soda, you have already spent your ration of sugar consumption in a day. Because in one piece of chocolate donut can contain 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and in a glass of soda there are 2.5 tablespoons of sugar.

Of course, you can not count sugar, salt, and fat every time you want to eat something. Then how to find out the best way to avoid them The concept remains the same, you can choose foods and beverages that are low in calories. For example, compared with ordering soda to accompany your lunch, try to consume only water or fruit juice without sugar. You can also replace your snack with fruits. This simple way you can eliminate the hidden calories derived from sugar, salt, and fat.

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