Common Problem Of Using Carpet

Those who have pets at home are also prone to health problems if not using the dry carpet cleaning service. Pets such as cats and dogs usually lose their hair, and this can get stuck in the carpet. If pets are also allowed to play outside, they are more likely to play on the ground and bring any bacteria or pests they encounter outside into the house. Carpets are the most ideal place for these pests to live and breed. Then more and more dirt is trapped and accumulates on the carpet if it is not cleaned often.

Urine/pet feces (cats and dogs) on the carpet is the most common problem. Quick cleaning leaves no traces on the carpet( odors and stains). However, if neglected, it can cause a pungent odor, stains, and faded colors. Therefore, immediate cleaning is imperative to avoid damaging the carpet. Use clean water with a little detergent then dry with an absorbent cloth (used towel), do this repeatedly until all the dirt from the animal is clean.

Most often carpet stains are caused by coloring agents from food, beverages, deodorizers, detergents, and others. Many of these stains become permanent if not removed promptly. Any spills can be removed by using an absorbent cloth until all spills are clean from the carpet. The use of water with a mild detergent can make cleaning the carpet easier.

Mold on the carpet occur due to prolonged humidity due to water spills around the carpet. Mold can also occur due to the drying process that is too long during the cleaning process. Under these conditions, mold grows rapidly and contaminates the carpet material with which it produces odors, and discoloration and reduces the durability of the carpet (weathering). This damage tends to be permanent but the odor caused by the mildew will dissipate once the mildew is removed and the carpet is dry. Carpet drying can be done by drying or using a fan/blower.

Sunlight can cause carpet discoloration in the long term, this fading can be found on carpets near windows. Preventive measures such as curtains or window film can block UV radiation from the sun.

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