Baby Seat Position In The Car That Is Safe According To The Child’s Age

Have you ever wondered how to properly install a baby seat in a car? Or, it turns out that all this time you just put it without direction? If this is what you often do, of course, it can potentially endanger the life of your little one. Check out several types of baby chairs at and match the ones you have installed.

Must-Know the Right Baby Seat Position!
Did you know there are some rules for installing a baby seat in a car? If you don’t install it properly, it can be dangerous for your child’s growth and development. Check out the following review.

For Children 0 Months to 2 Years Old
To always be safe when driving, teach your little one to always sit in a special seat during the trip. However, for children under the age of 2, make sure that the infant seat is always rear-facing.

According to a psychologist, a rear-facing baby car seat is 5 times safer than forward-facing. The reason is, by facing backward, the head will be restrained and prevent whiplash motion due to accidents or sudden brakes.

Whiplash motion itself is a condition that causes the baby’s head to move forward, but the body remains tied to the seat belt. This condition will cause shocks to the head 4 times greater because the weight of the baby’s head is much heavier.

In addition, the back of the chair that faces backward can also keep the neck, head, and torso moving simultaneously during shocks. So, it can be said that the existence of this special child seat can prevent whiplash motion to the maximum.

Don’t forget to also install this baby seat in the middle row of the car, which is the safest position for the baby. When placed at the front of the car, when an accident occurs, the airbags in the front seats will inflate. This can put your child at risk of being hit and seriously injured.

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